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Stud Dogs




Foundation stud dog, sire of 2 of our 3 stud dogs. Simply stunning. Now retired gundog producing perfect 0:0 hips.

Hips 13, eyes clear.


Black but mum chocolate, son of keeper, bred to show but although magnificent in looks his temperament is too laid back for the ring.

Hips 9, eyes clear.


Deep old fashioned yellow. Another son of Keeper, show quality but currently in training to the gun.

Hips 7, eyes clear.


Deep chocolate Stormley bloodlines, big handsome brute of a dog, made too big to show. Gorgeous temperament.

Hips 7, eyes clear.



Cocker Spaniels

Working lines by champion 'Dolgarrag Aron', blue roan currently working gun dog on our own shoot.

Eye tested clear.

Black show bred by champion 'Canyonn Carbon Copy'. Throws stunning blacks and golds.

Eye tested clear.

Blue roan and tan, show bred dog throwing every colour possible consistently, including chocolate. Two quality pups retained for the show circuit, can be Seen.

Eye tested clear.



Standard Poodle

White Zoflora bloodlines, both parents champion show winners. We don't show poodles but we have been told he is good enough to do so.

Hips 12, eyes clear,



West Highland Westie

By champion 'Kristajen Castaspell' prodjeny winning at top level. Prolific sire of 15 litters in 2006 alone, such is his demand at stud. He is correct in every way and would definitely show.

I only own one champion sired Westie girl who currently has a lovely litter of five puppies by Boss. enquiries welcome.



Golden Retriever

Retired 'Sansue' bred show dog produces top class retrievers and goldendoodles.

Hips 7, eyes clear.

Stud fees range from £200 to £400,, this is to include free board of bitch for entire season, fully insured and camered premises. Photos of the ''TIE'' supplied with covering certificate.

Free return if no pups produced. We pride ourselves on getting difficult bitches in pup where others have failed.


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